There are some cities around the world that are simply exceptional. And Lyon is one of them! I went to university in Lyon, and have lived here for over ten years. Although I love to travel, I’m always happy to come home to Lyon.

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Why did I decide to specialize in medical and pharmaceutical translation?

I studied translation at Université Lyon 2, where my conscientiousness, dedication and commitment were noticed and appreciated by my tutors. In the first year of the two-year Masters course, I chose to study applied medical/pharmaceutical translation. I was immediately drawn to this field, and the diversity of potential documents for translation.

In my second year, I then completed the Master 2 International communication in health sciences, the only Masters programme dedicated to medical and pharmaceutical translation in France. As part of the programme, I took introductory medicine and pharmacology classes. Thanks to this, I have become an expert in communication with the health science sector. I carried out a three-month internship with the Screening Group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, an organisation that is part of the WHO. During this internship, I developed my knowledge of cancer-related terminology in French and in English. I translated several audio presentations on cancer, as well as the associated PowerPoint presentations. I benefited from the help and experience of the staff in the screening unit where I worked. This internship was a wonderful opportunity to learn from experts in the field. Following this, the IARC entrusted me with the translation of an article on the early detection of cancer in developing countries. My supervisor congratulated me on my conscientious approach and impeccable work throughout the internship.

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After passing my Masters with distinction, I chose to enter the market as a freelance translator. I was able to develop my network within the translation industry through proactive applications and maintaining contact with other students from the same programme. So that I can stay up to date with developments in my profession, I have taken part in several training events since completing my Masters, including the Medical English Seminar on three occasions.

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My clients include translation agencies, via which I have worked for the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and several major pharmaceutical companies. However, the confidentiality agreements I have signed with these partners mean I cannot use their names to promote my services.

My clients appreciate my accuracy, my ability to listen and my respect for deadlines. I can adapt to each client, asking the right questions and making sure to communicate with the client for each project. I pride myself on making their needs a priority. The quality of my translations is ensured by the careful organisation of my work; I follow a process with specific steps so that I deliver the highest possible quality – every time.

My aim is to deliver translations with irreproachable style and consistent terminology throughout the text.